Aerospace industry

Grand Duchy launches GovSat-1

Satellite offers secure, reliable communication capacity

GovSat's task is to offer safe, reliable satellite communication capacity for military and civilian purposes, to meet growing demand from institutions and the defence sector.

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    Global Competitiveness Index: Europeans largely dominate

    Luxembourg ranks 10th in the latest edition of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index, while Switzerland retains its number 1 position.

    The international business school INSEAD recently published the latest edition of its Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) produced in partnership with the Adecco Group and Tata Communications.

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    The digitalisation of SMEs is on its way

    On 18th January 2018, the Ministry of Economy, the Chamber of Trades, the Chamber of Commerce and Luxinnovation, the National Agency for the Promotion of Innovation, encourage SMEs to make a big leap.

    As part of the digitalisation programme, the Chamber of Trades, with its, “eHandwierk” service, and the Chamber of Commerce, with its “Go Digital” team, each offer an initiative adapted to the needs of their citizens in order to raise businesses' awareness of digitalisation challenges and to inform, guide and advise them in their efforts.

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    Luxembourg, a synonym for a high standard of living

    According to the Inclusive Development Index, which ranks 103 countries by standard of living, the Grand Duchy is in third place, behind Norway and Iceland.

    According to a study by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Grand Duchy is one of the industrialised countries that offer the best living conditions. In the annual Inclusive Development Index for 2018, the Grand Duchy has moved into third place, out of the total of 103 countries included in the study. Among the countries with an advanced economy, the Grand Duchy is only beaten by Norway and Iceland; it is ahead of the G7 countries (Germany (12th place), Canada (17th place), France (18th place), Great Britain (21st place), USA (23rd place), Japan (24th place) and Italy (27th place).

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  • Updated 01-02-2018