Employment and work

Unemployment down by nearly 5% in 2016

There were 16,772 resident jobseekers available for work and registered with the ADEM on 30 November 2016.

The unemployment rate of residents is currently at its lowest level since 2012, at 6.2%. That's 0.5% lower than in November 2015. Proportionately, there are slightly more unemployed men than unemployed women. The over-50s are more affected, as are people with a 'lower' level of education.

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    The Grand Duchy is competitive

    According to the results of the national competitiveness indicators, the Grand Duchy ranks 7th among the 28 EU Member States.

    The 2016 competitiveness report, published on 8 December, puts the Grand Duchy in 7th place on the list of all the countries in the European Union. In this 2016 edition, most of the indicators are green and growth is tending towards a qualitative logic. Compared with its neighbours, only the Netherlands are ahead of the Grand Duchy, ranking third in the general list.

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    Employment and work

    Telework is widespread in the Grand Duchy

    Luxembourg is in the top 4 European countries presently practicing the most telework.

    Since 2010, the practice of telework has clearly been increasing in the country: +3.1% in 5 years. That means that 6.1% of the active population were working at least 8 hours per week from their home in 2015. Suffice to say that the European average lies around 3%.

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  • Updated 19-12-2016