French-language Cinema Trophies - 3 out of 9 for Luxembourg!

The Grand Duchy was extremely successful at the 4th edition of the French-language Cinema Trophy awards, in the Lebanon.

Of the fifty short and full-length films selected - including four Luxembourgish productions –, three Luxembourgish productions received an award at the French-language Cinema Trophies award ceremony on Saturday, 3 December 2016. A splendid performance that deserves to be highlighted.

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    Presentation of the government bill which guarantees private companies the right to resources harvested in outer space

    Luxembourg’s new space law guarantees private companies the right to resources harvested in outer space in accordance with international law.

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    Employment and work

    Are the Grand Duchy's employees happy at work?

    A study on the quality of working conditions in the Grand Duchy was published on 18 November. Current trends

    The country's quality of work index currently stands at 55.2/100 - a slight improvement in 2016 compared with 2015 (54.4/100) and 2014 (55.1/100).

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    Third industrial revolution in the Grand Duchy

    The Minister of the Economy has presented the first nine measures.

    Initiated by the Ministry of the Economy in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and IMS Luxembourg, the strategic study on 'the third industrial revolution' was presented on 14 November 2016 at the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2016, in the presence of the main players involved in the project, including Minister of the Economy Étienne Schneider, Director General of the Chamber of Commerce Carlo Thelen, President of the Chamber of Commerce Michel Wurth, and President of IMS Luxembourg Christian Scharff, as well as the American prospective economist Jeremy Rifkin.

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  • Updated 03-12-2016