Participatory Approach

The first objective was to define, together with all the actors, which key features of the Grand Duchy’s "personality" it should be highlighted abroad, thereby responding to the challenge set out by the Government to promote the Grand Duchy as a country that welcomes foreign investment and as an exporting country, as well as a tourist, cultural, and commercial destination.

A collective and collaborative process was launched and carried out (2014 -2015); this gradual crystallisation led to a common denominator to which both public- and private-sector stakeholders adhered to.

On the basis of surveys, individual interviews, discussion groups and debates, and thanks to direct contributions from the general public via an online platform, the Grand Duchy’s reference values gradually appeared. It became possible to distinguish the country’s strong points; these were reflected not only by three fundamental values – reliability, dynamism and openness to others – but also through the personality of the ally, which corresponds to the Grand Duchy’s nature:

  • openness to build relationships and create alliances;
  • reliability, allowing these relationships to grow in full confidence;
  • and thanks to its dynamism, the third main feature of its personality, the Grand Duchy offers new horizons to those who engage with it. This partnership takes them further than they would have been able to go on their own.

The same participatory approach was taken to develop the Grand Duchy’s new visual identity. At a co-creation weekend which took place in March 2016, a "Creathon on the Grand Duchy’s identity" brought together not only artists, illustrators, designers and filmmakers, but also historians, sociologists, IT specialists, communicators and committed citizens. The purpose of the event was to translate into images and symbols the three values selected for the Grand Duchy’s profile. Each participant brought his or her own particular point of view to the exploration, be it social, artistic or historic. It was this joint thinking that gave birth to the first leads which have formed the basis to the Grand Duchy’s new visual identity.

  • Updated 05-10-2016