The idea of promoting the Grand Duchy abroad goes back to the 1990s. With globalisation, it had become increasingly clear that the country needed coordinated action in order to nurture its image and structure its promotion.

An initial structure was set up in the early 2000s at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bringing together a number of key players in promoting the Grand Duchy abroad. A visual identity for promoting the country was developed in 2004, providing an initial framework for the various initiatives. 

The Nation Branding Committee set up in March 2013 sets out and implements strategies for promoting the country’s brand image. The committee is coordinated by a small team at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and chaired by a representative of the Ministry of the Economy; its members represent about fifteen ministries and institutions. Its action is one of the Government’s priorities. It is henceforth known as Coordination Committee Inspiring Luxembourg.

"The promotion of the Grand Duchy as a place that welcomes foreign investment, as an exporting country, and as a tourist, cultural and commercial destination will be based on the implementation of a concept of ‘nation branding’. Positive values carried by the image of the Grand Duchy will be set forth and applied by the various actors and in official media campaigns, for which the Government will make available the necessary resources."

Extract from the Government agreement of December 2013

  • Updated 05-10-2016