Brand architecture

Discover the graphic universe of Luxembourg's Signature. Click here if you want to integrate the Signature in your own communication.

The scope of Luxembourg’s visual identity continues to develop and expand through its adoption by the various sectors and institutions that carry the country’s image to the world. An entire graphic architecture has been created to enable organisations, seeking to incorporate the brand into their own communication, to do so easily by adopting its visual codes according to the nature of their links with the country.

Individual variations have been devised so that state institutions, promotional agencies, temporary initiatives and private sector partners can seamlessly and effectively adopt the Luxembourg brand as an element of their own identity.

Because Luxembourg’s visual identity has been crafted through a participatory process to fully reflect the country’s identity and values, its adoption by different types of organisations is strictly on a voluntary basis. Any request to incorporate it is extremely welcome and will be considered with great interest by the Inspiring Luxembourg committee.

  • Updated 28-03-2018