Here you will find all the material you need to illustrate your individual presentation of Luxembourg. Feel free to use all the data, pictures, storytelling and other information that suit your purposes.

Luxembourg's Signature

In this section you can find the meaning as well as the key guidelines on how to use Luxembourg’s Signature.

Brand architecture

Discover the graphic universe of Luxembourg's Signature. Click here if you want to integrate the Signature in your own communication.


Here you can find the right imagery on Luxembourg for the right context. To speed up your way to the picture you’re looking for, we have regrouped our image bank into a number of thematic folders.


Videos are often the most effective way to say a whole lot of good things about Luxembourg in a very short time: browse our video section to find the topic that fits your needs.


More in-depth treatment of a selected topic is best tackled through a dedicated brochure, magazine or other publication. If you're looking for information on a specific aspect of Luxembourg, start here.


Presentations make the world go around. Here you will find presentations that can be used as a whole, in bits and pieces, as food for thought or simply as a starting-point for your own storytelling.


Statistical data doesn’t have to be boring. With Luxembourg's diverse society and fast-moving economy, it makes sense to present facts and figures in an appealing way.


With their signature look, the Luxembourg Emojis – or as we call them EmoXies – playfully reflect different facets of our beautiful country and give you an insight into the Luxembourgish way of life. They were developed as a participatory tool for individuals, institutions and other actors to use, apply and share.playfully reflect different facets of our beautiful country.

Luxembourg Stories

If you're looking for the right angle on how to present Luxembourg, this section might be of great help. Here, you can browse through various inspirational stories emphasizing Luxembourg’s uniqueness.


Sometimes, the best way to get a point across is to step back and let others talk. Testimonials of people coming from, operating in or discovering Luxembourg are a great way to present the country.

Luxembourg Collection

No experience of Luxembourg is complete without that little special thing to take away with you. This section presents a series of items, available as giveaways, or purchasable through selected shops.

Promotional material

Here you can find out more about selected promotional items that can be of use in your efforts to promote Luxembourg.


Let words be words and bring in the numbers instead. Rankings, studies, statistical data – in this section you will get a solid overview of the latest facts and figures that define Luxembourg.
  • Updated 24-10-2017