Statistical data doesn’t have to be boring. With Luxembourg's diverse society and fast-moving economy, it makes sense to present facts and figures in an appealing way.

The aim of this brochure is to present and promote the country in a visual and fun manner, by focusing on the following subjects: geography, multicultural population, history of the Grand Duchy, linguistic situation, national symbols, culture and traditions, politics and institutions, economy, labour market, mobility, quality of life, Luxembourg in the world.

  • Language German, English, French, Luxembourgish
  • Publisher SIP/STATEC

This infographics, edited by the Ministry of the Economy, illustrates the objectives and implementation of the High Performance Computing (HPC) project.

  • Language French
  • Publisher Ministry of the Economy

Luxembourg has decidedly got talent! This infographics gives you details on its large, highly skilled and multilingual workforce

  • Language English
  • Publisher Luxembourg for Finance

This infographic published by Luxembourg for Finance presents Luxembourg's welcoming international environment with a great work-life balance and a great place to grow a business.

  • Language English
  • Publisher Luxembourg for Finance
  • Updated 06-10-2016