Surrounded by nature

Every country likes to pride itself on the charms of its natural landscape, and the Grand Duchy is no exception. And yet, Luxembourg has a few key attributes that are quite exceptional – and unexpected.

Luxembourg has managed to preserve its forests, which still today cover more than one third of its territory. The woodlands are ubiquitous, even in the heart of the city, creating a natural setting that is both familiar and magnificent. Even schools and nurseries are located in the forest.

Luxembourg is well aware that its natural surroundings are an asset. Hence, it gives access to its natural treasure by providing extensive cycle tracks and hiking paths throughout the nature reserves and parks. It also protects its ecosystem and cultivates well-being through the quality of both the environment and the local produce.

This geographical and cultural proximity to nature is a binding factor within Luxembourg society. Newcomers usually rapidly adhere to the code.

Even the financial sector and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange are pioneers in this regard. They excel in green investment products and other financial tools for fighting climate change, reaching top of the international rankings.


1/3 of the country’s territory is covered by forests and 50% of the capital city comprises green areas – one of the highest rates in Europe.

>5.000 km

Luxembourg offers >5.000 km of trails and >600 km of cycle paths.


The goal for 2050: 100% organic farming and 100% clean transportation.


The Grand Duchy ranks 2nd in Green Finance penetration according to the latest Global Green Finance Index (GGFI).


Luxembourg has the leading European market share of environment strategy funds.

  • Updated 16-11-2018