Creative Luxembourg!

One of Luxembourg’s least-known attributes is rapidly becoming one of its major assets. In the digital era, creativity is emerging as a central feature of society as well as an inspiration for the national economy.

Luxembourg understands that creativity is the key to its future. With major cultural events, musical, dance and theatrical productions of the highest quality, museums of international ambition, special legal frameworks for artists and collectors, a flourishing film industry recognised by a 2014 Oscar for Laurent Witz’s Mr Hublot, and a Grammy for Gast Waltzing in 2016, artistic and creative activity is in evidence everywhere. Facilities to house and stimulate talent are springing up throughout the country, such as the bubbling 1535° incubator, the spectacular Technoport space and the Bamhaus platform for creative workers, all established on reclaimed industrial land.

Collectives for independent artists have grown up in fields such as animation, video, design, visual arts and music. An ecosystem encompassing the emergence of technology in areas ranging from finance and space exploration to social improvement and even food is in constant development, stimulated by a multicultural context fostering disruptive ideas and an attractive environment for IT skills and start-ups. Inaugurated in 2018, the House of startups (HoST) regrouping 5 incubators and accelerators, aims to propel the capital to the forefront of startup cities.

The Grand Duchy has mastered the art of combining a liberal and extremely business-friendly climate with strong public support for innovation and cultural creation.

The national Creative Industries Cluster established in 2017 to harness energies and potential for cross-fertilisation in areas from architecture to design and visual arts, already counts more than a hundred members. In contrast to the nine highly specialised clusters for sectors including technology, the automotive industry, biohealth and materials, the new, much more abstract addition bolsters the country’s creative talent and raises its international profile. Its ultimate goal: To foster emergence of a concrete pillar of the economy of the future.


Luxembourg will become one of the first European cities to install a virtual reality environment across space and time in the Pfaffenthal district.


1 Oscar, 1 Grammy Award, 1 Lion d’or, 1 Echo Preis – an impressive collection of international honours for Luxembourg’s artistic community.


Luxembourg was ranked 15th out of 128 countries in the 2018 Global Innovation Index compiled by Cornell University and INSEAD.


The world’s most business-friendly country in 2018, according to BAV Consulting and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton business school.

  • Updated 15-11-2018