A serene environment

In an increasingly complex and tense world, serenity has become the most valuable resource. If there is one thing everyone in Luxembourg agrees upon, it is that the general feel is positive, both at work and in private.

Luxembourg is a safe bet – now even safer than ever! Not only because of its triple-A rating, but also because of the general working environment. Relations are straightforward and conducive to new projects.

Did you know that Luxembourg has the safest capital city in the world? A capital city where you’d want to raise your family, where children sit side-by-side in the class-room with peers from all over the world, where nature is so close that the forest lies within the city, where you get the chance every day to savour the best dishes of the world.

The firmly-rooted tradition of solidarity in the country is a clear indicator of Luxembourg’s open-mindedness. It’s a tradition that sets the tone to the country’s social policy, which, by the way, is very efficient too.

This attitude also provides the foundation to the generous approach to development cooperation and humanitarian action.

The general sense of calm in society is due above all to the country’s culture of consensus that governs professional and personal relations as well as social dialogue.

A State grounded on the rule of law, a well-functioning legal system, a service-minded administration. If you add to this infrastructures and IT networks of the highest level, it comes as no surprise that Luxembourg is the safest place in the world to host the most sensitive data centres.

Or quite simply, the best place to live.


#4 worldwide for level of well-being, according to the Boston Consulting Group.


#8 among European cities and #18th worldwide for personal safety, according to the latest Mercer study


Among the 142 studied countries, Luxembourg was listed as #10 by Gallup's Global Law and Order report, a worldwide gauge of people's sense of personal security.  


Country where expatriates feel the safest out of 68 countries, according to the InterNations Expatriate network.


In the UNO World Happiness Report, Luxembourg ranks 17th.


Nowehere else in Europe are inhabitants as satisfied with the cleanliness of their city as in Luxembourg according to Eurostat.


12 Michelin-starred restaurants – the highest density per capita in the world.

  • Updated 04-03-2019