Luxembourg Stories

If you're looking for the right angle on how to present Luxembourg, this section might be of great help. Here, you can browse through various inspirational stories emphasizing Luxembourg’s uniqueness.

A land of optimism

A positive atmosphere, plenty of confidence in the future, and inspiring energy for new projects – newcomers to Luxembourg are struck by the optimistic feel of the place.

Smart Nation

It’s a fact that Luxembourg has given a boost to IT infrastructure, the Cloud, Fintech and Biotech.

A serene environment

In an increasingly complex and tense world, serenity has become the most valuable resource.

A global society

To get a sense of what a "global society" can be, you only need to pay a visit to the Grand Duchy.

A great country

If there’s one misunderstanding that irritates Luxembourgers, it’s that the rest of the world often assumes that the country is no more than its capital city.

Surrounded by nature

Every country likes to pride itself on the charms of its natural landscape, and the Grand Duchy is no exception.
  • Updated 07-10-2016