Smart Nation

It’s a fact that Luxembourg has given a boost to IT infrastructure, the Cloud, Fintech and Biotech. More than that though, the entire society has set out to achieve the title of "Smart Nation", a nation that is multilingual, cosmopolitan, hyper-connected, enterprising and well trained.

Which country in the world was first to embrace Jeremy Rifkin’s vision and apply it to its economy and society? The Grand Duchy is an ideal test-bed to combine information technology, renewable sources of energy and smart transport networks.

Who aims to bring Earth closer to the stars? Luxembourg’s skills in mining, finance and space place it in a perfect position to work out a suitable legal framework to develop the utilisation of space resources.

Which university has managed to rank as one of the top ten international universities in the world within less than 10 years? Luxembourg’s university has set foot in Belval, an amazing site with high-quality infrastructure, aesthetically impressive, and bringing together public and private actors.

Which country in the world masters so many languages, is able to bring together so many diverse nationalities within the workplace, and provides opportunities for rapid career advancement? Luxembourg cultivates diversity in all its forms and is committed to collective knowledge.

There are endless examples. In today’s world, it’s not the technical infrastructure alone that matters. It’s the qualitative aspects such as social skills that are key and that are highly valued by business. Apply this to an entire country, and an exceptional ecosystem unfolds.

Top 5

Luxembourg ranks 5th in the DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index), thanks to the population's digital proficiency among others. 

Top 10

Ranked by INSEAD and it's Global Innovation Index the country is the 8th most innovative country in Europe and 15th in the world.

Top 200

Within ten years of its existence, the University of Luxembourg has gained its place amongst the 200 best universities in the world.


#1 worldwide for technological readiness according to the World Economic Forum.


1st data embassy worldwide in partnership with the Estonian government.


CISCO will accompany Luxembourg during 3 years to help accelerate it's digital transformation.


79% of the population use online baking services. (68% in Europe)


82% are online shoppers (61% in Europe)


25% of Europe's Tier IV data centres are located in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg launches the first European High Performance computing project with France, Italy and Spain.

  • Updated 14-11-2018