A global society

To get a sense of what a "global society" can be, you only need to pay a visit to the Grand Duchy. This most cosmopolitan of countries in the world has succeeded to build an open and invigorating society. It today offers one of the most attractive places in the world to live and to pursue an international career.

"The country where everyone feels at home" could be Luxembourg’s motto. Indeed, almost half the population comes from all over the world. This is the case all the more so in Luxembourg City where, at day-time, three quarters of the inhabitants come from another country. This is a very common situation in schools, where children get along together quite naturally and rapidly adopt a very international culture.

While the country has three legally recognised languages (Luxembourgish, French and German), English is widely used. This exceptional multilingualism has always given Luxembourg’s politicians and entrepreneurs an extraordinary ability to understand their interlocutors and to take on a role as mediator in international relations quite naturally.

This capacity to look outwards explains why the Grand Duchy has been a founding member of some of the most important international organisations and today still continues to play an important role in them. The ability to adapt lies at the basis of the tolerance that prevails over cultural and religious relations in the country.


3.6 languages spoken per capita on average.


#7 worldwide for proficiency in English according to the latest EF English Proficiency Index.


48% foreign residents (70% in Luxembourg City) originating from 172 countries.


#1 worldwide for the percentage of skilled labour in the working population.


Luxembourg ranked 2nd in the social globalization index, which is part of the KOF Globalisation Index published by the ETH Zurich.


The university of Luxembourg ranks #2 most international university in the world, according to the Times ranking.

  • Updated 15-11-2018