A land of optimism

A positive atmosphere, plenty of confidence in the future, and inspiring energy for new projects – newcomers to Luxembourg are struck by the optimistic feel of the place.

The fact that Luxembourg is considered one of the most attractive economies in the world is very much due to its optimistic outlook.

The driving force behind Luxembourg’s success emanates from a unique mix of factors. The most cosmopolitan country in Europe, and possibly even in the entire world, is experiencing a remarkable demographic growth. The age structure of the population is particularly young.

Economic growth has been very robust for years. The State invests massively in infrastructure and supports forward-looking initiatives. Foreign capital continues to flow, public-private partnerships are increasing and the number of new innovative businesses and companies choosing to establish themselves in the Grand Duchy is on the rise.

This optimistic attitude is catching. All the ingredients are there for projects to spring up and thrive. All is set for Luxembourg to continue to attract foreign talents and international investments. 


3,8% economic growth forecast by the OECD for 2019.


3% average job creation each year over the past 30 years.


Population increase by almost 2% in 2017.


With 71% declaring being confident about what the future holds, Luxembourg's inhabitants are among the most optimistic Europeans according to a 2018 Eurobarometer survey. 


#3 worldwide for the attraction of talents, according to IMD and #2 according to the INSEAD Global talent competitiveness index.

<40 years

<40 years: one of the EU countries with the youngest average age.

  • Updated 16-11-2018