"Luxembourg – Let’s make it happen!" Partnerships

Following the launch in October 2016, numerous associations, federations and several bodies from all sectors have joined the initiative "Luxembourg - Let’s make it happen" by endorsing the values of this country – openness, dynamism, reliability!

They share three common objectives:
- bring the brand "Luxembourg – Let’s make it happen" to life around the world;
- together raise Luxembourg’s profile;
- and showcase its know-how.

Why partner with us?

It is only through joint, concerted efforts that we will be able to convey our messages and our values around the world, visually represented by Luxembourg’s Signature. So join us and become a part of this community in order to contribute to a coherent international communication about Luxembourg.

If you are interested in partnering with the initiative "Luxembourg - Let’s make it happen" and want to support our common efforts to promote Luxembourg, please submit your application.

  • Updated 26-10-2017