About this site

Editor of the site

The website www.inspiringluxembourg.lu (or "toolbox") provides a one-stop non-commercial access point to promotional material about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is designed for all the actors who want to promote Luxembourg. It is complementary to the portal www.luxembourg.lu.

The website is the property of the Luxembourg State and is edited by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Information and Press Service of the Government.

To contact the editor, please use the contact form.

Purpose of the site

The aims of the website www.inspiringluxembourg.lu are as following:

1. to increase awareness of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg all over the world;
2. to promote a consistent communication about Luxembourg abroad;
3. to inspire the different actors in their messages about Luxembourg;
4. to provide a common platform, for existing promotional material on Luxembourg.

The website is intended for visitors wanting to know more about the Grand Duchy as well as for people looking for a specific promotional tool.

This website is not a static site: it is continuously updated and checked for quality.
User suggestions for the creation of links are welcome. Our team is going to answer all suggestions and submit them to evaluation. Please contact by us using the contact form.

Editorial concept


The website provides easy, quick and user-friendly access to a large quantity of promotional tools about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The objective is to guide the users to the tools they need to promote the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in their specific area of interest. These pages are regularly updated.

In addition to the toolbox

To raise awareness of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the website offers a series of stories. These different stories are illustrated by strong arguments and benchmarks and allow users to discover the country through a particular theme.


The website www.inspiringluxembourg.lu provides up-to-date information about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, drafted by the website’s team, and reports regularly on news concerning tourism, culture, politics, economy and society.


The website has been created in close collaboration with the State Centre for Information Technologies (Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat, CTIE): hosting, advice, assistance, graphics, development and quality assurance.


Particular care has been taken to ensure a satisfactory level of quality and accessibility. The site has been developed in accordance with the recommendations of RENOW (the Luxembourg Government's referential for Internet standardisation). Consult details of the assessment in the attestation of compliance.

Declaration of accessibility

The Luxembourg Government pursues the aim of making websites accessible to the largest number of people. For more information, please consult our policy on accessibility on the website at renow.public.lu.

This site has been designed in accordance with these principles, and we undertake to improve content accessibility so that there is no discrimination in accessing the information on the site. If you encounter any difficulty in accessing information, you may contact the RENOW team.

  • Updated 07-10-2016